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Lion Shield Hoodie Child


Lion Shield Hoodie – Child

The Lion Shield Bullet Resistant Hoodie and Stand Alone Soft Armor Concealed Carrier System which offers you, your family and loved ones as well as other Private Citizens, Local law Enforcement, Private Security , Members of The U.S. Armed Services and D.O.J. to wear and carry their Concealed Soft and protect themselves. The Lion Shield Bullet Resistant Hoodie offers an integrated Soft Armor Carrier System or there is a Stand-Alone option , the Lion Shield Concealed Soft Armor carrier System.

The hoodie itself is Currently available in Red, Black, Grey and Muddy Pink Camo and is available in sizes Child Small thru Adult XXXL.

  • Both armor panels are Truly Concealable and the carrier itself is practically seamlessly integrated into the hoodie making both the armor and carrier undetectable unlike traditional Concealed carriers
  • It is Light weight and breathable. The carrier is made of 70 Denier, Nylon Rip-Stop material and the side panels of the carrier itself are composed if a light weight, breathable Spandex material.
  • It is T.S.A, approved for domestic Travel in carry-on or checked luggage – https://www.tsa.gov/travel/security-screening/whatcanibring/items/body-armor
  • Easy on and off, simply slip them over your head like a T-Shirt.
  • No Velcro to wear out over time with repeated washing which affects fit and thereby may render the armor less effective due to poor placement of the armor panels,

Both the Lion Shield Hoodie and the Lion Shield Stand Alone Soft Armor Carrier System are currently available today and may be purchased with or without front and Back  Hybrid Soft Armor or Rimelig Soft Armor, NIJ Level IIIA Soft Armor Panels. We also highly recommend that you purchase a set(2) Non- Ballistic Trauma Pads as well.

Our prices are significantly lower than similar products on the market. We also offer discounts from time to time with Promo Codes. Please visit us? on our? website, or get further information, product specifications and details at https://macgregorarmour.com For even more information on The Lion Shield Hoodie, please call us at (435)602-0670 or email us at macgregortacticalllc@gmail.com

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In Conclusion

We hope this has been informative and that you may find it useful. In either case we’re sure you probably already are aware of and practice most if not all these concepts. It never hurts to review them from time to time especially with you children, not to scare them but rather to inform and make them aware of their surroundings.* Remember to always be Situationally Aware, Keep your head on a Swivel and stay safe most of all. I hope we’ve also informed and made you aware of option you may not have considered before. Remember as well to avail yourself of all resources all the time and keep searching for new and innovative ways to keep you, your family and all your Loved Ones Safe