Lion Shield Concealed Carrier



The Lion Shield Concealed Carrier®

Concealed Body Armor is like nothing else, it gives you an excellent level of protection while allowing you to remain low key and it is virtually undetectable. We have taken the concept of our Lion Shield Hoodie℗ to the next level. This modification of our Lion Shield Hoodie is centered on a solitary goal, giving you a virtually undetectable carrier, which truly offers you the utmost concealment. The material which we selected and form of each component of the Lion Shield Concealed Carrier™℗ is designed to both maximize concealment and minimize any impression the armor panels typically leave.  Our concealed plate carrier has a very low profile and sits naturally under your favorite shirt, jacket, sweatshirt or coat and is available as an integrated unit with our own Lion Shield Hoodie™℗. It is a perfect option to wear when you want the security of body armor, while still maintaining a casual look while blending in whether you, your family and or loved ones are out running errands, attending an event or at the mall. You may purchase the Concealed Panel Carrier on its own and use level IIIA soft armor you may already have, purchase armor available on our website, or already integrated with our hoodie. It is available with your choice of panel sizes, 8” x 10”, 10” x 12” , 11” x 14” or 11” x 15”.

Specifications and Details:

Total Weight:
Lion Shield Concealment Carrier (Empty): Approximately 2 oz
Lion Shield Concealment Carrier (Loaded with Front & Rear 11” x 15 ” (2) 1.6 Lbs. panels) Level IIIA Soft
Armor (w/o Trauma pads): Approximately 3.3lbs
Actual total weight depends on the size of the armor panels and whether Trauma Pads are used.

We eliminated Cordura Nylon used in traditional carrier designs and instead used a 70 Denier Nylon Rip Stop (℗patent pending) , moisture wicking, rigid yet breathable and machine washable and abrasion resistant fabric. Each panel pocket is closed with a non- metallic zip closure which allows for both easier insertion, wash ability as well as making it easier to open and close and not subject to the wear issues of Velcro. The side panels are composed of box mesh stretch fabric which affords better mobility fit and comfort than traditional Velcro closures. It stretches with your body under the most rugged conditions.
Our design thins the profile further than traditional or the so-called low-profile designs currently on the market making it virtually un- detectable. Our patented design improves comfort against the skin and helps the carrier mold to the lines of your body, thus improving concealment.  This patented design allows you to easily insert the armor panels and does not require the use of panel pocket flaps and retention straps to secure the armor; reducing overall thickness of the panel carrier by not requiring layers of material to layer up over one another. This design completely does away any front or side cummerbund impression you may see with traditional concealed carriers.

The shoulder straps are constructed from the same material as the carrier and have no Velcro closures. Our recently patented carrier simply is put on and taken off like a T-Shirt which insures the wearer a snug yet comfortable fit. . The combination of all these features allows for the lowest profile and eliminates material overlap, again reducing the over- all thickness of the Lion Shield™ ℗ Concealed Carrier for maximum concealment.

We strongly advise the wearer to purchase Non-ballistic Trauma pads, unless purchasing a Fusion type Armor which has built in trauma pads. We do not recommend the Lion Shield Concealed Carrier ℗™ for use with hard armor, it is rather designed and best suited for maximum concealment of NIJ Rated level IIIA soft body armor.

Sizing. Child Small through Adult 3 XL for standard t-shirt sizes.
100% Designed and Manufactured in the USA