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Lion Shield Concealed Carrier



The Lion Shield Concealed Carrier

Our patent-pending armor carrier provides an excellent level of protection and concealment. The materials we selected for each component of the Lion Shield Concealed Carrier are designed to provide comfort while minimizing any impression armor panels typically leave. The Lion Shield has a very low profile and sits naturally under your favorite shirt, jacket, sweatshirt or coat, or it’s available as an integrated unit with our Lion Shield Hoodie. It’s the perfect option whether you, your family and or loved ones are out running errands, attending an event, or shopping at the mall.

The Lion Shield is constructed with moisture-wicking, rigid-yet-breathable, machine-washable, and abrasion-resistant 70 Denier Nylon Rip-Stop fabric. Each panel pocket features a non-metallic zip closure which allows for easier panel insertion, wash-ability, and makes it easier to open and close without the wear issues of Velcro. The side panels are composed of mesh stretch fabric providing greater mobility, fit, and comfort than traditional Velcro closures. It stretches with your body under the most rugged conditions.

Our design thins the profile further than traditional low-profile designs making it virtually undetectable. The Lion Shield slips on and off like a T-shirt, is comfortable against the skin and molds to the lines of your body, thus improving concealment. This patented system allows you to easily insert the armor panels and does not require the use of panel pocket flaps or retention straps to secure the armor. We also reduced the overall thickness of the panel carrier by not requiring layers of material to layer up over one another. This completely eliminates any front or side cummerbund impression you may see with traditional concealed carriers.

We recommend pairing the Lion Shield with two 11″x15″ Hybrid soft body armor panels and two trauma pads to reduce the force of impacts to the armor. We also offer the option of pairing the Lion Shield with the slightly heavier and thicker Rimelig panels as well. In addition, the carrier can be purchased separately.

Total weight as configured:

Lion Shield Concealed Carrier (Empty): Approximately 2 oz

Lion Shield loaded with two 11″ x 15″ Rimelig (.43″ thick) panels: Approximately 3.3 lbs

Lion Shield loaded with two 11″ x 15″ Rimelig (.43″ thick) panels & trauma pads: Approximately 4.3 lbs

Lion Shield loaded with two 11″ x 15″ Hybrid (.25″ thick) panels: Approximately 3 lbs

Lion Shield loaded with two 11″ x 15″ Hybrid (.25″ thick) panels & trauma pads: Approximately 4 lbs

Additional Details:

We do not recommend the Lion Shield Concealed Carrier for use with hard armor, it is designed and best suited for NIJ Rated level IIIA soft body armor.

100% Designed and Manufactured in the USA



Armor Level

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