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Why Consumers Are Choosing Duritium Plates

Choosing to wear body armor is very much a personal choice. But, it’s one that must be made with the utmost reverence and regard for legitimacy. Here at Macgregor Tactical, we always encourage soldiers, civilians, and first responders to give our duritium line of products a chance. If you aren’t yet convinced, that’s okay. In today’s blog, we’d like to discuss why consumers are choosing duritium plates.

What Is Polyethylene Armor?

One of the biggest advantages of duritium plates is their highly durable material (poly). Polyethylene is one of the most commonly used plastics in the world today. It is made by bonding unidirectional, Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fibers over the High Density Polyethylene Sheet. The sheets are placed in mold, cut to shape, and compressed under high pressure and heat, resulting in the cohesive hard armor plate as we know it. The plates take advantage of friction caused by a bullet’s spin. 

Friction melts the polyethylene and makes it adhere to the round. When stopped, the polyethylene re-hardens and cools down. The armor can be hit with many rounds and should not encounter any immediate issues, as it does not impact a large surrounding area when the bullet lands. Polyethylene plates weigh between two-five pounds, making them lighter in comparison to steel and up to 70% lighter compared to ceramic plating. 

Understanding The Influence Of Duritium Plates and Body Armor

So, what is the confluence if any between polyethylene and duritium? Simple. Duritium is a patented technology that combines UHMWPE with composite materials for the lightest, thinnest, and durable piece of body armor. Duritium includes polymer covering sheets that are cut using a 3-axis CNC machine. After the plate is hardened and reinforced with polymer, the vulcanization process finishes it off for a near-perfect, armored plate. The process ensures that all duritium body armor plates can withstand several hits in the same location, all done without compromising the integrity of the armor. 

How Does Duritium Stack Up Against The Competition?

The reasons for duritium ousting its competition are extensive, but some of the main reasons center around its durability and premiere warranty options. A standard test is also conducted to measure the efficacy of the armor. The test in question is known colloquially as the V50 Report. As it stands currently, duritium technology had no average bullet velocity that broke through the armor plate. Meaning, no hand-fired gun’s bullet will pass through duritium.

The Unique Duritium Warranty

When consumers are spending much of their hard-earned income on PPE, the last thing anyone wants to worry about is the duration of its shelf life. The industry standard for warranties is 5-7 years. With duritium? Most warranties are 15 years for all level 3 armors.

Macgregor Tactical Offers Duritium Plates for Body Armor

We hope you have garnered a better understanding of duritium, its impact, and the positive effects it will continue to have on current and prospective users. If you have any questions about getting a hold of this armor, contact our team at Macgregor Tactical today! We would love to hear from you.

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