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2021 A New Year A New Hope

No doubt. 2020 was a rough year, to put it mildly! No one, with perhaps the exception of the so called, “Deep State” had any clue what was in store for us. The future seemed very bright in January, the economy was humming along at almost breakneck speed and it seemed as though we were finally crawling out of the deep hole that was the last eight years!

Boom, it all came to a crashing halt, nobody saw it coming, completely out of virtually nowhere. Virtually over night it seemed like businesses were closing and being shut down by people so detached from reality that we never imagined in our wildest dreams it was possible; yet there we were! I won’t belabor the point, suffice it to say we all know what’s transpired and yet some how we managed to get through it by the grace of the almighty and a little good fortune.

Now, it’s a New Year and we again seem to be perched on a precipice, the difference is that we now have, I believe, a real hope. Events are now transpiring which hold the promise of a new and brighter future. I believe, history is turning the page on to a new chapter, as it were. We have Patriots and Leaders that seem to be standing up to protect our Republic, our Constitution and our Freedom. We can only hope that their efforts bear fruit, were as before, a lot of us seemed asleep and almost dulled or unawares, we are now, for the most part, Wide Awake! My fervent hope is that we will remain so, and never take for granted the blessings of Liberty given to us by our creator and embodied in our Constitution!

Yes, we have a new hope! Let’s stay awake and be vigilant…because , your life matters!

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